About Us

 Lili Murcia   Founder of  Pro Wedding Ideas             
Pro Wedding Ideas is a company that produces Personalised Handmade Coat Hangers for weddings and celebrations, based on Brisbane, Australia.
Lili has always been a creative person and attentive to detail. It has been nearly fifteen years since the first time she created something special for someone and she still feels the same emotion when seeing that gleam in the eyes of a person.
She always loved to give someone a smile with one of her creations, but it is only during the organisation of her wedding that she realised how details can make the difference.
Pro Wedding Ideas was born from the need to create something special for those moments of life so unique and unforgettable.
We believe in providing superior customer service and creating a shopping experience that is relaxed and pleasurable.
Our mission is to provide a young, fresh and modern approach to the wedding and event industry by creating unique, fashionable and glamorous keepsakes.
Pro Wedding Ideas is the place where the little dreams come true.